Intellectual Property

Experts in IP

DW frequently engages in issues relating to intellectual property and design. We are aware of the potential value and limitations of IP, having guided many established clients with ongoing IP strategies, as well as startups seeking to acquire IP. We are adept and experienced in resolving design solutions so that there is a high probability of having IP granted, understanding that this is a key step in the facilitation of financing and building longer term valuations. We are also able to successfully and efficiently coordinate the resolution of a design solution to avoid competitive IP that is either known at the outset or emerges during development.

DW has strategic partners that can support cost effective Patentability Searches into specified areas and familiarity with the Provisional, Non-Provisional filings, Design Patents and EPO filings.

Routine engagement with legal includes conveying design details and figures to the legal team. We will often hand off draft outlines for utility IP that include background information outlining the limitation of current art and an outline of the novelty and non-obviousness of the designed innovations.

During the patent prosecution process DW can engage with legal to scrutinize IP that is cited in Office Actions and collaborate with the legal team to create relevant and accurate Office Action responses.

Current DW employees are named on 24 utility patents and 45 design patents registered at the USPTO with additional patents pending.