Hummer Box

The Challenge:
Work with a multidisciplinary development team (General Motors, Johnson Control Systems, Papp Plastics and Productive Design Service) to improve the proposed H3 Storage Box Line accessory line for better manufacturing capability.

  • Maximized overall rigidity and part reduction with simplified 2-part container configuration, ‘frame’ and ‘bucket’ system for 3 sizes of storage boxes
  • Improved structural rigidity and elimination of painting through ‘corrugation’ and offset surface features
  • Mounting system development for durability and component reduction
  • Incorporation of a simplified out-of-box assembly approach for accessory installation
  • Reduced tooling and manufacturing costs while improving overall product strength and long term performance

FEA of Aluminum mounting components, plastic part design approach, part breakdown simplification, preliminary industrial design to fit with Hummer branding

  • 2009 SEMA Award