360 Bullseye Auto Level Laser

The Challenge:
To deliver to consumers, a small compact laser level product with contractor functionality, at
a low price point.

  • designed a product that is 3-4 times less expensive than nearest competitor
  • our design enabled Black & Decker to secure innovative IP
  • met tight timeline and expanded our client's position in a new product category
  • suggested and developed stable laser line system instead of using spinning dots
  • introduced a removable laser head capable of hanging from an adjustable strap
  • developed a mechanism that magnetically damps laser line motion in two axis'
  • developed plastic tripod legs that act as a carry/storage case when in their closed state
Patent "design-around " exploration, developed new technology and secured new IP, industrial design based on initial B&D concept, laser tuning details, mechanical design, prototyping and validation, 3D CAD capture for internal and external components.

  • IDSA / Business Week BRONZE IDEA 04' Award
  • National Post / Design Exchange Bronze Award