GlowBuoy Rechargeable Floating
Pool Light

The Challenge:
To work with the client’s existing IP to develop an affordable and effective cordless pool lighting product with a high level of user appeal. DW drove this full turnkey product development effort for this startup client.

  • the selected batteries, light source, reflector and lens configuration lights a 20’ x 40’ pool with a warm ambient glow
  • uniform lighting was achieved through extensive prototype evaluation
  • materials withstand all pool chemicals and achieve a very impact resistant product
  • efficient mechanical design prevents water ingress
  • for ease of use, the product has a charger and charging/storage stand

Industrial design development, multiple functional models, visual modeling, product testing, mechanical design, materials selection, ProE 3D capture, mold filling analysis, manufacturing specifications, and supplier liaison.

  • National Post / Design Exchange Silver Award
  • IDSA & Business Week IDEA Award Winner
  • 2005 GOOD DESIGN Award Winner