Tetra Speakers - 222

The Challenge:
To design the entry-level listening instrument for Tetra’s next generation of audiophile speakers based on a non-parallel face enclosure paradigm.

  • designed a compact bookshelf 2-way enclosure which can be integrated into a compact living environment
  • achieved visual reference to the 606 flagship speaker
  • softened front fascia to fit with many interior living spaces
  • eliminated resonance feedback through the design of non-parallel surface enclosure
  • developed an enclosure strategy to allow ease of modification for custom finishes
  • set up manufacturing detailing and protocols for cost effective Canadian manufacturing
  • collaborated with Rob Fraboni and Adrian Butts to attain an audio monitor level of acoustic refinement
Research to determine product positioning to fit with target market, industrial design, product prototypes to test and tune acoustics, production detailing and set up for Canadian manufacturing.