DNA Genotek - DNA Collection

The Challenge:
To create a low cost, collection system for securing DNA samples from saliva that can be shipped through postal services and be processed by high speed robots for analysis.

  • developed a system which can be successfully used by untrained donors with minimal instructions
  • designed a system to easily allow sample transfer to a conventional plastic test tube for high speed robot analysis, reliant on hinged preservation fluid storage components which release automatically when the lid is pivoted
  • reduced product dimensions and distribution costs, allowing the product to be shipped by postal services and delivered through a mail slot to the user
  • an easy-to-use, intuitive, and ergonomic form renders the project adaptable to all hand sizes and is easy to use even for elderly donors
  • the preservation fluid reservoir is easy to load and very robust for storage and shipping
  • utilizes low cost multi-cavity tooling and low cost part production from low grade resins

Industrial design, 3D CAD geometry, prototype test program for validation, product testing, and manufacturer liaison.

Awards / IP
  • Patents secured
  • DX Design award 2009, Bronze