Ecologic Pulp Packaging

The Challenge:
Create a high volume, mass market, commercially viable packaging solution system that utilizes structural molded pulp fiber as structure and a molded plastic fitment and liner for barrier protection. Ensure easy separation of components to allow the user to divert the components into two recycling streams.

  • successfully established iconic paper aesthetic to communicate environmental attributes
  • comfortable to touch and use
  • outer shell formed from 100% post-consumer paper fiber which is recyclable and compostable
  • inner plastic pouch is recyclable, lightweight and uses up to 75% less plastic than rigid containers and is recyclable
  • can be shipped pre-assembled to filler, reducing shipping space by up to 6 times compared to rigid containers

Pushed technology for pulp molding in a novel direction, mechanical integration approaches, product positioning and industrial design, FEA analysis, 3D CAD capture, prototyping and validation, product modeling, product testing for fill line and shipping compliance.

  • IDEA 2015 Silver Packaging award
  • IDEA 2012 Gold Packaging award
  • International Green Award 2011
  • Design patents secured, Utility Patents Pending