Industrial Design

DW is first and foremost an industrial design studio. We believe that Industrial Design is the front end of product development. Conceptualizing the look of a new product and anticipating how it will feel in the consumer's hands will significantly affect their acceptance and desire to purchase it.

Our extensive design experience allows us to understand, envision and combine all of the stake-holder's needs to produce a strategic concept that addresses user interface, functionality, aesthetics, mechanical design, manufacturing and marketing requirements for a successful and profitable product design.

CAD Development

Incorporating advanced CAD early in the design
process allows DW’s team to quickly develop accurate digital ideas and prototypes and allows designers to quickly try changes, test performance and create complex models efficiently. It helps promote rapid decisions based on the best concepts without needless iterations. This allows DW to provide unmatched performance, value, and innovation to its clients.

Mold-fill Analysis

Mold fill simulation of plastic parts is done on 3D solid models using MoldFlow™ software. It addresses key process concerns up-front in preliminary design stages and offers practical advice to identify weld lines and air traps. This analysis produces precision information allowing optimal layouts for gating locations, fill patterns and weld line placement, as well as showing pressure and temperature distribution.

Critical location and depth of sink marks can be efficiently validated and optimized. Venting locations, mold machine requirements, estimated cycle times and shot sizes can also be assessed.

Mechanical Design

Through our extensive experience and successful track record developing products through to final production part file release, we understand that mechanical design does not only take place at the tail end of the industrial design process. Both activities need to concurrently compliment each other.

• We design with the mechanical and production issues
and limitations in mind
• We are always looking for ways to improve, optimize
or cost reduce
• We make numerous mechanical prototypes to
validate the various aspects of the new product
• We have strategic partnerships with certified
engineering groups
• We have a very strong plastic design expertise
• We are familiar with and are able to draw from CAE
tools such as FEA, CFD and mold filling simulation
analysis when required